blame it on the bucks?!!



"Where's my page rank?"... I've heard so much about this complain lately. This "page rank" thing has been blowing up many people's mind all over the blogosphere. Of course I'm not trying to excuse myself here coz I'm one of those people, so to speak... I have been browsing PR-related materials from different people/authors, some are experts and some are not and I just ended up still frustrated coz I still don't know what to believe...which are reliable and which are not? lol! Yeah, I should know, learn it from Google itself. One commented on my post on PR and here's what he says:

"Hi, this post is quite telling! happened to me also! last week i had a Google page rank number 3, now its 0 ,Google is playing with their algorithms and adversely affecting us relatively new bloggers despite the arduous effort we have taken to reach where we are!That is so unfair and unjust and someone should litigate on this!"

I somewhat agree on his position. The absence of my page rank (which was 3) tells a lot. The gradual flow of advertising opportunities for one is getting even more evident. Complaining for this matter is one of the least things I could do since I do still receive opps anyhow (barely this time, tho) but it would always be nicer when it will just flow like how it had been before, ain't it? :-))

Anyways, let's keep our grin, even tho this drives us nuts! Happy blogging to all!

1 Response to "blame it on the bucks?!!"

  1. Mizz Eb. says:

    Pay Google no mind, dear. They think they're everybody's momma.

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