My Alarming Page Rank Experience



I have been blogging for more than half a year now. And I may say, it isn't as simple as it seems especially when you have to do the blog monetization. Having your page ranked by the top search engine over the internet is an overwhelming part of it. Though I must admit, there's still I need to know more in order for me to fully understand what and how a page rank work and what is it's importance.

I have this page ranked 3 by google since late last year. It feels so great every time one will compliment me about my page rank and I am just as proud though I really am not still certain as to how it works. Some times in February this year, I've got my rank lowered down to 1 and again for whatever circumstance, i don't know. I've heard different version of reasons from bloggers but I just can't take whatever they have to say knowing that they are all but baseless hearsays... I actually don't bother myself whatever and however they rank my page until I found out one day that it's totally gone. From rank 3 to 1 and now to nothing. (wow! could have wondered now what's wrong... )This time I am considering it quite alarming especially after I observed that opportunities now barely comes in a few days after I lose my page rank. To my frustration, I remove my PR button from my sidebar where it used to stay. My traffic went bad as well. Hmm... could it be the reason? Should I be alarmed by this? Well, for me, this simply goes to say that I need to work double time for my page now to gain whatever I have lost.

Should you have any comment, question or suggestions for this post, I would appreciate if you would feel free to do so.

4 Response to "My Alarming Page Rank Experience"

  1. Lizeth says:

    i have not been getting opps at all!



    AbBy says:

    bitaw...they should have explained why and how they do that, so as not to keep us guessing...

    Mec says:

    from earning around $10 a day.... am now earning nada! zilch! :)

    it could be two things actually.... first, some google glitch that rights itself after a month or two

    or Google has willfully penalized you for paid posts and other link ads...

    ey, ako din.. no opps for me... we all have the same problem. :(

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