Liked my surprises today...



Finally, I've got my parceled digital camera (from the USA) at hand after over a month of patiently waiting. Mr. postman surprised me early this afternoon when he handed me the parcel notice, informing that the package is ready for pick-up. I was so happy and I just can't wait to share with you my excitement about my new i633 Polaroid Digital Camera.

In case you maybe planning of getting one, it's specifications are the following:

- 6.0 Megapixels
- 3x optical zoom lens
- 2.4" color TFT-LCD
- 16 MB internal memory
- SD memory card compatible (1GB SD card included)
- Pictbridge compatibe
- JPEG compression
- Auto, flash on, flash off, red-eye reduction
- USB port (USB/Video out)
- 2x AA batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable)

It comes also with a stylish carrying case with magnetic closure and a metal table-top tripod that helps you in getting your pictures more freely and comfortably... Mr. Nice guy was also too kind to have send it with this extra accessories that he knows I might need.

An extra pack of 1GB SD card plus a PROformance, fast image access USB flash drive (card reader/writer). These are just so nice gifts I have received lately. Now, it's my time to say THANK YOU to a very dear friend not only for this camera but also to a whole bunch of surprises he'd been giving me. Actually, he had just given me something a few hours back before I got to receive this! It's in this link...(if you're interested, lol). See how thoughtful this person is? For me, he truly is... Well, gotta go now. Hope you're all having a good day/night. But hey, before I'm off to bed...wanna whisper you this... "His name's JK!" :-))

Nighty night! (1:04 AM here)

2 Response to "Liked my surprises today..."

  1. JK says:

    HI, I am happy you have finally recevied it after much awaited time... I hope you enjoy it and get lots of use out of it... I would love to see lost of new pictures on your pages lol... I bet others would love to see them as well. I am happy you seem so excited about it. Your welcome. You are such a sweetheart....

    Kuerdas says:

    WOW! So sweet and thoughtful...

    More pics please, hehehe.

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