hobbies come and hobbies go



We all have different favorite activities at different stages of our lives. We often call them hobbies. When I was in high school, I love to collect stamps. In college, playing guitar and cross-stitching were my preferred pastime activities. After I got married and had my first child, I have come to love needle works even more. She inspired me so much that I wanted to design clothes for her on my own. In fact, I really did few pairs. Something I can be proud about because believe it or not I still see some of my nieces wearing them (hand-me-downs) until now.

But time had flown so fast and along with it are the constant changes that have to take place. I've come to learn blogging somewhere in 2007 courtesy of my college friend. Among my past and present hobbies, this seems to be the most dominating one. Not that I only find it fascinating but somewhat addicting as well. No matter how unmotivated I get to write sometimes, I can still find my way back to my pages somehow to talk about something.

How many times did I think of closing them all together for once out of desperation? But as you can see all of them are still up although not all are updated regularly but I sure do as I can.

Reading interesting stories, looking up at great finds especially cheap laptops and other fascinating gadgets from different online stores are my motivating alternatives each time I can't think of something to write about. I don't even need to buy any. Browsing through pages is reason enough for me to get inspired. Although having one of my dream gadgets would mean a lot more but yea I know, it has to wait.

How about you? What hobby of yours that you find most engaging?

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