the youngest member of the family turns two today



She's my niece, Elijah. We used to call her "jaja" back in Cebu. Now everyone in the house calls her "Onin". The new name comes from my other niece, Inah who was still learning to talk at the age of 3. I can't remember where exactly the word came from but everyone seems to adapt it well anyway.

At two she's already very chatty. And because she's fun to listen to, she has everyone's attention every time she speaks. She loves to mock a lot.

She can be the sweetest but like any other child she has tempers too at times. However, what I enjoy and love about her most is the comfort she can (effortlessly) bring each time I feel bad about something. I don't need to seek it from anywhere or to no one else because having her alone is already comfort enough. I believe the rest of my family also feels the same towards her. She's such a sweetheart!

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