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While still in college before I told myself not to work in any government bureaus and offices after I finish my studies. There's just something in their employment system that I don't like. If you are reading this and you're a Filipino, you probably have a hunch of what I am talking about.

My godmother (whose husband was a Vice-Mayor in our municipality back then) invited me through my mom for a possible employment before I could even complete the final semester in 1999. However, for the same reason I refused to accept her invitation. Instead I grabbed what's offered to me by a certain private institution.

I admit it was too conclusive for me to tell what's possible and what's not that early. Time is rolling and we will never really know what's in store for us tomorrow.

Who would have thought that with the recent transition of the local administration I will be motivated to seek an employment from the government? Thanks to a very good friend and her mighty convincing power. We actually have the same initial opinion towards the government and its employment system but then we try not to mind it over one goal - to land a job that won't necessitate us to leave our family.

I was reading reviews for dog pedic beds when my phone rang yesterday morning. It was her. We both went to follow our applications up. At around four in the afternoon we were interviewed. Although the decision by the hiring officer is not made yet we are still hopeful for a positive outcome of our endeavors.

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