are they really smart?



Hi all..

Finally, my internet connection has came back to life after 24 long hours of patiently waiting. That was the longest disconnection I've ever experienced myself. It always drives me nuts to lose my connection because every time I call my ISP to make query they all keep on telling me one the same old reason and it's quite irritating but do I have a choice? No. Even if you have to reason out, you will still get nothing but to wait till they bring your connection back Anyhow, I'm glad that they have it fixed now. That must be one big, serious technical problem right there coz if not, it won't probably take that long. Thanks to the support and technical team of SMART, tho. Just no more long disco. like this, please.. lol!

1 Response to "are they really smart?"

  1. Greetings Nancy!

    Hope you are in good health and I appreciate your generous comment in my blog...Thanks so much and you are rite! Internet seems to be something necessary and addicted like to me too,w/o it one day really feel as if something is not right! lolz..

    But that's it..technical error can happns any time.

    Anyhow glad that you have your connection back!:) Cu around dear.

    Take care,big hugs*

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