Hi there! It's Monday, another brand new day of the week. I'm kinda lost of what to post here..Hmm..I am thinking of posting my new camera's captured moments but bloggers can't seemed to upload my photos. I don't know why. I figured each pic sized around 2MB each so I tried resizing them down but then they still can't go. Anyways, I was only hoping of sharing some of it here coz I believe they are nice views to look at (from here in Cebu) but bloggers just frustrates me, lol. Would have love to have it shared here :-)) Well, let's see! maybe some other time when I have it finally figured... Wink!!

4 Response to "wondering..."

  1. Shravan says:

    what bout a link exchange? Also check out my blog for my own Entrecard contest and join if you like it

    TroubleX2 says:

    Lost blog days :( I have those, too. You'll figure it out eventually. Trial and error...
    Want to trade links?
    Smile...it makes the day better!

    Hi Nancy! Your posts all loaded for me today! I have trouble with pic too! Thanks for visiting my blog, please come again!!

    Nancy says:

    thank you all guys for dropping your messages...will get back to you soon. have a nice day!

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