Saving Up with my Second EON Cyber Account



In life, nothing is more fulfilling than standing up and getting by on your own. Paying your own bills, cutting cost, spending some of what you make for yourself is just how it is supposed to be and what decent living is all about. Don’t we all desire such kind of living? I do all the time! Thanks to all the online opportunities I came across every now and then and to everyone behind each for helping me make it.

 In just a short span of time I was able to humbly fill my used to be empty work station with the necessary furnishings. I couldn’t be any happier I’m almost done paying for things, now it’s time for me to save up not only for the future but for the rainy days to come as well. For that I decided to equip myself with this second EON cyber account from Union Bank!
Electronic application for UB’s EON account is simple. It’s paperless. You’ll just have to provide personal information using their electronic form. Shortly after submitting the application, you will receive a confirmation via SMS and an email. Both notifications should contain your account information and things you need to bring upon claiming your card at your preferred pick-up branch. A cash amounting to 350.00 (roughly $8.50) shall be collected too for the annual card fee.

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  1. eon was so important.. it can do everything..

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