Improving the look of your kitchen with Beko



Beko are a popular European brand for several reasons. Their kitchen appliances are affordable, effective and quite stylish. Some people might not know, but Beko aren’t just seen as a bargain brand anymore. They offer uniqueness and convenience in many ways. In fact, Beko Fridge Freezers are a prime example.

For a start, Beko are the only manufacturer to make cooling appliances that can operate in much colder ambient temperatures. How cold you ask? Try down to -15°C This makes them perfect if you need to put it in the garage where there isn’t any heating. But chances are you want your appliance in the kitchen, and that’s no bad thing. Beko have really sleek and attractive fridge freezers that come in some very contemporary colours. Not liking the traditional white so much? Then opt for a sleek and modern black or silver finish. With minimal, smooth doors, Beko models can create a really nice and understated look to the kitchen. They don’t overpower the eye but enhance the overall aesthetic.

But if you really want to impress, then Beko also do American style fridge freezers too. The winner of a 2011 ‘Product of the Year’ award, the GNE114610X has everything going for it. It’s beautiful, coming in a stainless steel finish. Plus it’s got a really original design, having 4 doors instead of the usual two you’d find on American models. The bottom right compartment can either be a fridge OR a freezer! Now that’s innovation.

Beko want your attention. Isn’t it time you gave it to them?

Halit Bozdogan is a copywriter for Appliances Online – The UK’s largest online white goods retailer.

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