An Expensive Shopper. That's my Sister!



I have had my first domain purchase of the year recently. We are a family of impulsive shoppers so I thought I could make use of that domain to run a new shopping blog site. I am not the expensive one though… my sister is. She always has an eye for designer stuffs from clothes to footwear and even accessories like bags. She loves collecting them. That answers the question why I have been frequenting online shops lately. She’s itching for a new handbag and asked me to look one for her.

I find and their bag choices fantastic. They are truly classy. The prices are just a little nifty for me though but hey… quality speaks for the price most of the time… at least I believe on that and so is my sister so I won’t be surprise if she will still consider getting one of those stylish Mulberry bags. Most of the time she look at her purchases as an investment instead of getting something she can wear or use for just a month or less… and I think that make sense.

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