A Festival Like Mass Dedication Ceremony



Mass Dedication Catholic Ceremony – is it really how it should be like?
It was my first time to attend such event and it happened last Saturday, 17th. Boy, it was a total disaster! I knew I’ve said I won’t talk more about it in as much as I didn’t want to drag the name and the rules of the Catholic church out but please don’t get me wrong. The image of the crowd below tells it. It is as if I’m more like in a festival more than being in a holy place with people bumping on each other anywhere you turn.

I can’t help but wonder why church authorities allow something like this to happen. If rumor has it right, there were around 400-500 children being baptized that day which I really find a huge number for the size of the church and is simply unreasonable. Notice that in baptismal ceremony like this there’s not just the child and the parents but the child’s godparents are there too and obviously they didn’t see that.
A mass dedication ceremony is designed to give babies/kids a chance to receive the sacrament of baptism despite the questionable social status of their parents. Rich or poor this law of the church excuses no one – at least from what I am aware of. And knowing that the growing number of single moms nowadays is also overwhelming, the church should have considered devising a plan where they can accommodate all registrants without compromising the solemnity of the sacrament.

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