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0 – the only mixed bag page (with own domain) I got left. All the rest of my blog pages now have their own corner/niche. I call this page the mother of all my blogs. This is where I used to channel almost everything I could think of to write about back then (mostly on real life experiences). However the advent of sponsored reviews and any other income-generating ways of blogging is also something I can’t say no to. After all, it is one of the reasons why I blog.

But, over time I realized how commercialized (sponsored links packed) this page has already become so for that reason I thought I would give way for a fresh, new personal blog page. But that is only until I reach a certain number of published posts for this page. One thousand it is and I am getting really close to topping that number so now I am declaring I’d soon be getting a new dot com domain to add up to my also growing number of pages. This time though I have to check first with Go Daddy (my preferred domain registrar) if my desired domain is available before making a purchase. That way I can match the domain name to the title of my future blog page. :D

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