What Makes the Bee Busy?

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Whew, I didn’t realize until this very moment that I haven’t had a single update yet for the month. Of course I can’t blame it to the side jobs I just recently have. I am still in the same post…just a bit busier than before with the added online tasks at hand.

And while trying to make other people happy by doing my job right, I also got tons of things playing up my mind – most are actually old plans that keeps finding their way to the backseat and never been done - blog migration, blog theme shifting, domain purchase – yes I am thinking of having one this year so I can start building a new personal blog site although I am not really sure when could I possibly spend time for that yet. Again, all these can wait.

For now I only know one thing that I certainly want – a “me time” and that should happen very soon… as in hours away from now. The past few weeks have been so immensely stressful. I’d rather want a break and yes, I am granting myself one. :D

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