Hosting a Wine and Cheese Tasting Party


Hosting a wine and cheese tasting party can be a fun way to spend an evening with friends. With a little planning and preparation ahead of time, you will be able to enjoy your own party without a lot of hassle.

First you need to decide on what wines and cheeses to have at the party. It is a good idea to have only a few selections of varying types so that each one can be compared and contrasted to the next one. Three different wines paired with three different cheeses are usually sufficient. Plain crackers to use with the cheese may also be needed. A soft style cheese, a hard style cheese, and then a different milk cheese (such as a goat’s milk or sheep’s milk cheese) would work well together.

Choose wines that will complement the flavors of the cheeses that you have selected. Having a red and a white wine will give plenty of contrast. Keep in mind that depending on the number of people you plan to have at the party, you may need to purchase multiple bottles of each wine.

When considering red wines, one popular variety is Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine has a bold and intense flavor and would work well with salty cheeses with strong flavors, such as Gouda or any blue cheese. A sheep’s milk cheese would not be recommended.

For a white wine, Chardonnay is a popular variety and can pair with a variety of aged cow’s milk cheeses and bleu cheeses, such as Roquefort. This wine will be able to handle the acidity and strong flavor of the cheese. A sheep’s milk cheese would not be recommended.

For a sheep’s milk cheese, try a Sauvignon Blanc. This white wine variety has a light body, fruity flavor and is considered very acidic. It would pair well with a mild sheep’s milk cheese such as Berkswell.

Now that you have decided on your menu, you will need to have a few other items. You will need multiple wine glasses, one for each flavor per person. Napkins and small plates would be needed to sample the cheeses. You will also need serving platters and a serving knife or spreader, one for each type of cheese. Plastic ware and glasses are recommended for convenience and can be purchased at any party supply store.

Have the cheese platters ready ahead of time, the wine chilled, and you are ready to go. Assuming this is a success, for the next wine and cheese party, have each person bring their own wine and cheese pairing for a new experience.

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