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Seeing this Facebook Timeline feature at some of my friend’s account for the first time made me wonder… “Where’s mine?”

But since I am not really so into Facebooking…wait… is that an understatement? Okay I have a group or two that I frequently visit next to my own account. I guess whether I agree or not Facebook is now part of my virtual social life. Blame it to blogging… Oh no… don’t! But hey, even those are not reason enough for me to spend hours sticking to the site so I simply wait for whatever new features that comes along, use it if necessary and disregard when I feel it’s not needed.

Last week, Friday I opened my Facebook account and finally there it is… at the top left of my profile is an announcement that reads: Welcome to Your Timeline – Preview. Did I think twice to add a new cover? Hell no! I immediately scouted my hard drive for photo and I sure knew exactly which folder to open right there and then.
My timeline is supposed to go live on the second of February, that’s according to Facebook, but given the option to publish it right away instead of waiting left me so giddy. Ha-ha-ha…why wait?

Here it is… (click image to view full size)
I get it. My further research about this feature says the use of Facebook TIMELINE is now mandatory for all users.

In case you’re still unfamiliar, TIMELINE is the new Facebook profile. With this feature, traveling back through your old posts (which normally disappeared quickly off your wall) is now easier. Your posts from previous months and years (in blogging we call it archive) are now accessible through the new navigational element found at the right side corner of your screen. This element allows you to instantly swing back in time to the day your account was born. Cool, isn’t it?

Previously, TIMELINE is only a sort if “get it if you want” thing. I didn’t even know then there’s a page (Introducing Timeline) where you can get it. See, I told you I don’t care much. But all was only temporary until the company finally decided to make the use of TIMELINE mandatory to all users in which I personally cannot disagree.

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