Too Ascetical



The beggar stopped a man on the street and asked for some money for something to eat.
The man said, " I'll buy you a drink if you like.
The beggar said, " I never drink. "
" Well then, " said the man, " I'll buy you a good cigar. "
" But I don't smoke," said the beggar. " All I want is something to eat. "
" I've got a good tip for horse this afternoon, " said the man, and I'll put some money on it for you. You can have the winnings. "
" But I don't believe in gambling. All I want is food. "
" In that case, " said the man, " I'd like you to come home to dinner with me. I'd like my wife to meet you because I want her to see what happens to a man who doesn't smoke, drink, or gamble. "

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