Valentine Dinner Date with Family



We started it last year. Then we did it again this year. On Valentine’s Day we found ourselves (my sisters, brothers, mom and I) dateless (meaning with no one special to celebrate the day with) so we end up dating each other together along with the kids overs a buffet dinner at one of the local restaurants around… except my little brother though who chose to stay home and spent time talking to his long distance girlfriend over the phone instead.

So buffet dinner, it is. This time again we went to the same restaurant we went to last year for few reasons: one – the place is big with an open air– perfect for dating families with kids; two: they serve plenty of food choices including desserts (not really the sumptuous ones like the classy city restaurants have) but it was worth-spending still and everyone were satisfied.

People from all walks of life were gathered around. Some had to dress up for their dates while others just went in casually – that’s us.
As soon as you enter the dining hall this brightly adorned with flowers, white and red balloons stage will sure grab your attention. 
People who wish to bring home keepsakes of their Valentine date are free to pose for pictures using the adorned stage for their background.
There’s was really nothing too classy about the rest of the inside decorations except that they had to hang balloons and pin heart-shaped papers everywhere. Different flower arrangement were in every corner too while each table is topped with yellow and red heart-shaped balloons. They played soft love songs on the background too while an automated bubble maker blew some bubbles up on the air surprising the kids every once in a while.
After hanging out for few hours, we left the place with delighted hearts and quite overly stuffed tummies. And as long as we will still be all free to date each other again next time then we might still be doing the same thing next year. :)

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