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Stair parts come from many different locations. In fact there is probably a local dealer that can sell you stair parts not 10 miles from your house. So where do all these stair parts come from? Well it depends, a lot of wood stair parts are manufactured in the USA or China. There are a few other countries that manufacture these parts but mostly those too. If you are looking for metal stair parts, those can come from anywhere. Metal is heavy so a lot of manufactures like to import the metal and create the designs in house. This saves from shipping over a bunch of already made metal spindles.

The stair posts usually are made in China, USA, or Mexico. A lot of manufactures have machines that do all the work so they can afford to make them in the USA. If there are going to be a lot of the same type of post like newel stair posts you will look to Mexico to find them. The trade agreement is set up for this to work with cheaper labor and proximity to the USA. Usually if you need a custom stair part you will need someone that can make it in the USA. They will have the ability to complete the task for you so you will be satisfied.

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