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I know I’m late again (things has been crazy these days) but still I want to thank some people (friends and families) who took time to flood my Facebook wall with warm greetings and messages during my birthday four days ago (that’s on the 18th), thank you so much.

Mr. John Knopp, a friend of mine made sure he won’t miss it so off to my Facebook page he said “happy birthday” way ahead of time which I find so sweet. A day before I also got this greeting card from – an Asian job portal site where I am a member for years now.
And on my birthday, Vix Parungao – a blogger friend sent this cute e-card my way.:)

All these are unexpected and I thought they’re very heart-warming gestures so for that I am grateful.

I didn’t have a fancy celebration... never have had any from the past, in fact; I only stayed home and spent almost the whole time exchanging words with online friends. To give highlight for the day, my family and I had lunch together. It was Saturday so everyone was there. And though it was nothing festive, I still enjoyed it somehow. Above all I am grateful to the big guy up there for every bit of grace he had given me for thirty four long years now. Praises are all HIS.

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