Just the way it is… to Move Out from Blogger Soon

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I would have reconsidered the idea of moving this blog out to Wordpress if not for the budding rumors I’ve heard from fellow bloggers around recently that Blogger have started deleting monetized blogs under their platform. It did bother me of course though I am still yet to find truth about the whole issue. But true or not, I have decided to just move it along with some of my new niche pages.

 No, I’m not switching platform all the way. Few of my pages will still reside in Blogger… you know the feeling of attachment? I started with Blogger… not that I know it was the oldest blogging platform there is at the dawn of my blogging life in 2007 but because it is where I was first introduced. Although I also heard of Wordpress but only got convinced trying it out at the later part of my blogging years and I have separate reasons why I like both platforms.

It is still a crazy week for me with all the tasks here and there that needs done. My ‘to-do’ list keeps growing – makes me wish there’s 48 hours in a day or even more, ha-hah! But hopefully I will get to manage that list effectively and have everything in place real soon. Hmm, such is life! We either just ignore or live and work around it.

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