Total Lunar Eclipse, December 10, 2011

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I was only a kid when I last saw an astronomical event they call eclipse – a solar eclipse where the sun seems to disappear during the day and the sky darkens in a matter of minutes. Rare events like this is something I care less for until I’ve seen a total lunar eclipse for the first time somewhere in my teenage years. It was amazing! However, I wasn’t a blogger yet then and I can only appreciate things that were happening around so much because I don’t possess gadgets like a decent camera yet that time and maybe even if I do, I doubt if I bother knowing I have nothing to use the pictures for.

I felt bad I missed the last Lunar Eclipse in June this year. So when I heard about the December 10 one, I tried to pay attention. I kept myself busy and tried to work away from my bed just so I won’t get tempted to lay down and doze off. I even purposely made late dinner leaving myself starve a bit. That was one hell of sacrifice I just did for the sake of that event and yet I feel I still failed. I literally missed the part when the moon turned red and and only left with this instead…
Lunar Eclipse, December 10, 2011 
The moon half consumed by the shadow of the earth

Anyway, I’ve searched on the forthcoming Lunar Eclipse events next year but found no results so far. Whenever that will be, I wish I have a much better camera by then.

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