Making the Best Out of a Supposed Boring Day



Yesterday was indeed a day full of delight. That is after I got hold of a box containing all these…
It obviously made my day. A mix of white and red long-stemmed roses, paired with sinfully luscious chocolates plus the sweetest note to complete the package is just one perfect way to melt one’s heart. More of this story here

Today however, is kind of unfortunate. An emergency situation caused us a day-worth of power outage. But instead of allowing boredom to get into us, my sister and I decided to put up some Christmas lights over at mom's house to make use of the day.
We also made this tree out of some coconut shrubs and old Christmas balls and other ornaments...
We’ve had a great time doing what we did, especially the kids. We then watched what we’ve put up together as soon as the power came back around five in the afternoon. The girls were very much delighted. :D

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