Now's the Time to Care. Let's Share Some for Sendong Victims

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It’s exactly a week before Christmas when a muddy flood brought by the most recent tropical storm SENDONG (with International name WASHI) hit the Northern part of Mindanao (Philippines), Saturday leaving numbers of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro City residents homeless, some are injured while hundreds of other are still missing. Death toll rose from 200 on Saturday to over 650 as of yesterday (18th). Sendong is reported to leave the country tonight.

But all these poor, outrageously affected victims shall be left behind. They got nothing and no one but us. Let’s have a heart. It’s not tomorrow nor later… now’s the time to let these people know we are here… let them feel that we care. After all, that’s the true meaning of Christmas.
These victims need food, clean drinking water, medicine, clothing, blankets, mats and other relief goods. We can share in any way we can. Please click the badge to see where you can send your donations.

1 Response to "Now's the Time to Care. Let's Share Some for Sendong Victims"

  1. genny says:

    so tragic incident....breaks my heart seeing my kababayans..i gave my small help already...hope it will help...;-)

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