My Family's Share of Fun Playing Bingo



Back in the days, when caught in one place together at a certain occasion like local fiestas, my cousins and I often agree to go and play on-site bingo games. We were teenagers and mostly of about the same age back then. Bingo is one of the most popular games at a carnival site around town. While the little ones are having the fun ride, we at the other part of the carny are enjoying Bingo.
My cousins have known the game way before me because they used to play it too in their neighborhood. Being a kind of loner that I am, I’d rather be in my comfort zone most of the time than being elsewhere. And I certainly won’t spend time hanging out if it’s not with my closest cousins and relatives. I’ve learned a whole lot of fun things to do through them – that include playing Bingo!

Initially though, I looked at Bingo as one of those unlawful games and therefore, is not a good form of entertainment to keep. But over the years my innocent mind smartens up especially after I’ve learned about all these existing online bingo sites. I realized it is not as bad as I have thought after all. In fact, my family and I went to play Bingo just not so long ago and guess who hosted it… it’s a catholic secondary school run by the nuns! Can you believe that? Well, just do! I came from that school myself and so are my siblings. They celebrated its 50th Golden anniversary two months ago and surprisingly that family bingo game was one of the many activities they have had! That was the first after the longest time that I was able to play bingo again. And what’s so special about it? It’s the quality time spent with a family having utmost fun together. Funny, because even the kids know how to play bingo now too! For me that was a total entertainment! I wonder when we could gather around and get amused again just like that.

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  1. i also started playing bingo in local fiestas. he heh..
    btw, musta?

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