A Pleasant and a Totally Relaxing Day Spent at EMARS Wavepool

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As promised, here’s the second installment of mine and JK’s “A Love Conquered for the Second Time” story.

Unlike the first time we met last year, we made no list of particular places to visit this time around. Everything just came in random except of course the plan of visiting my family at my hometown that took place two days after we arrived in Davao. We stayed for 2 nights and went back up to the city. On October 31st we came down again to spend Halloween with the family and kids. More of that story here!

Moving on to the rest of our random activities… JK and I also spent one pleasant and a totally relaxing day at Davao’s newest resort, EMARS Wavepool.
We got there a little early. Looking around there was nothing much to take good pictures with so we just ended up having breakfast at their restaurant while waiting for the wavepool area to open.

I had a bowl of hearty vegetable toppings while JK had the usual American Breakfast.
We paid for the entrance fee and one of the huts after.
Of course, we shouldn’t have been there if it wasn’t for the wavepool. But first we need to have our stuffs secured since the cottages were all designed open.  We approached one of the staffs around and glad she offered to look after our belongings.

We walked into the pool and just shortly after there come the big waves. Woohoo!!!
I didn’t know about JK but as soon as I heard the engine started and the wave starts rolling in, I honestly felt like a kid again in great awe! Ha-ha-ha!

Each round of waves last for 30 minutes. They cut it out after and bring the waves back on every hour and a half.

It was my first time to have tried a wavepool and it was really fantastic. But then we had to cut the fun when the sun starts to bite. We walked back into our cottage, grabbed our cameras and started taking more pictures around and of us.
It’s LUNCH time! Helping ourselves with the views around didn’t really make me that hungry…but it sure dried us both out so we still ordered some. JK took T-Bone steak with fries and a bottle of beer while I had fries alone and a fruit shake.
After dining we’ve had few drinks. We were so aching to get a massage but the spa center signage says will open at 2:00pm so again we waited while listening to music from JK’s MP3 player. But of course, I am not gonna let you wait like we did so here's the final treat for the day....

A totally relaxing full hour of Swedish massage! 

Imagine how soothing that was. Unfortunately though, the spa center has limited staff so we couldn't get anyone to take pictures of us while getting the massage. But here's how the place looks like anyway.
The staffs...
 And finally, there's us having a cup of tea after the treat. Ah, that was just amazing!

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EMARS Wavepool in Davao

12 Response to "A Pleasant and a Totally Relaxing Day Spent at EMARS Wavepool"

  1. Mommy Jes says:

    ang sarap naman nyan sis :) naku honeymoon n b yan? hihih :)

    Admin says:

    Hahaha... way far from it Jes but how I wish, weee!!!

    arcee says:

    this has just made Davao really a place worth visiting. hay, kelan kaya kami makakarating jan...hopping by and wishing u a happy weekend!

    Lynn says:

    Wooot! Grabe! Giamigas diri. So nus-a man ta higop sabaw? LOL.

    I love the photos, sis and the way you edited them. Very nice and creative!

    Happy Friday! (",)

    ev says:

    nice one ciang!miss u..

    Admin says:

    Thanks Evs!
    Happy to see you here, :)

    Pinx says:

    asa man ni dapi ang EMARS nance?! i want to bring my family here!! sige lang, this will be included in our next trip.

    Lainy says:

    I am in inggit mode na here, Nance. Haay! Gimingaw nako ug samot sa Prinsipe, hahaha!

    I love the photo edits. Gi unsa man nimo na paghimo? Hehe!

    Such lovely pictures. I'd love to go there myself. I'm sure my daughter would go crazy over the wave pool :). The food looks amazing too!

    Lainy says:

    Sige Nance, akoa pud himuon ang imong gihimo sa pagedits sa pics, hehehe. Mao diay na ang sikreto? Kay kapoy baya kaayo magupload isa-isa sa mga hulagway uy, hahahaha!

    salvy says:

    nice resort and congrats to both of you

    Admin says:


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