An Evening to Remember



If Americans had Turkey on Thanksgiving, we BISDAK bloggers from Davao also had a blast with the crocodile dish tasting on top of popular Filipino dishes we’ve ordered at Riverwalk restaurant in Crocodile Park on the night of Gagay’s birthday! Gagay by the way, is one of us – a Bisdak blogger, author of multiple blogs too like me, (he-he )and she came all the way from Cebu City just to spend that special day of hers with us and her family of course after that evening.


I know events like this always make everyone's mouth the busiest (you know gobbling, conversing, ranting, laughing) but did you know it's a mortal sin for a blogger not to be able to take keepsakes of every event they attended to? LOL!

Whatever they are but in my case since we are about to try some crocodile dishes for dinner anyway, it didn't help me but to ask one of the servants if we could see first and take some pictures of raw (uncooked) crocodile meat while waiting for our orders to be served.

I was hoping to see big chunks but only thinly sliced, packed and frozen ones were all they got.
Did anyone even notice how long we've waited for our food to be served? I bet no one. That's because we we're all busy mouthing, ha-ha-ha.

Moving on... it's drooling time!

Firstly, we had the croco fried rice.
Of course it's a birthday so we had fried chicken :D
 The mouthwatering grilled 'panga' (tuna jaw)
 Everyone also had a warm hearty sip of 'sinigang na tuna' (tuna stew in tamarind)
 And finally, the star dish of the night... the SIZZLING CROCODILE SISIG!
It was everyone's FIRST to have tried a croc dish. I am not sure how the rest like it but for me personally, it's not the taste or how it was presented but it's the fact that I was finally able to try crocodile meat. I mean it's something I never thought or dream of doing but I just did and to me it's something worth sporting, ha-ha-ha!

THE TEXTURE. I'm not sure what part of crocodile it was but the meat appears to be a little chewy to me.

THE TASTE. It's spicy but oh-so-creamy. No doubt, this will make an ultimate "pulutan" for beer drinkers.

And how can we forget the sweet treat? A whole round of blueberry cheesecake for everyone! Oh sweet Jesus. Have mercy on our drooling eyes! 
Alright, alright... I'm done making you crave, LOL!

Well now it's time to meet 'The BISDAK bloggers from Davao' (Thanks Ace Nierva for the photo.)
(From left: Adaah and his son, Moi, Genevive, Gagay, Verna and Crislyn

It was truly an evening to remember. Thanks Gagay for the treat! I'm really glad I came. :)

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6 Response to "An Evening to Remember"

  1. Vhen says:

    napakasarap naman! curious about the croco rice :)

    Kim, USA says:

    Wow a sizzling crocs that sounds good to me ^_^

    Adobong Pusit

    wow! look at all the delish foods plus great friends is memorable indeed :-) Dropping some love for Yummy Sunday, hope that you can return the favor too.

    Yummilcious sa mga pagkaon ug sa mga mamas.. :) kalami sa inyo pagkaon uy.. Panghatag mo diha. :)

    IMRIZ says:

    new meat dishes, new friends...i guess, everybody had a blast:)

    a friend do swears that the croc meat taste like chicken.

    I want to try sizzling crocodile :-) The blueberry cheesecake looks truly yum!

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