The Merry Month Is Almost Here!

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Where did the days go? I can’t believe we’re on the last Monday of the month already. Just two more leap and here comes jolly December! Yea, kids around never fail to make December a merry one. Personally, it is what Christmas is all about – the kids.

It’s funny because I really don’t feel like putting up a tree this year. I have in the past with wrapped presents for everyone under it. This time, this lonely wreath is the only adornment I can think of using so far. It’s an old wreath from last year and I am hanging it on the same door again this year.
Oh geez, I am just feeling so lousy again that I couldn’t get motivated to do things that needs done. Or is it probably because I have been hinted I may not be getting anything this Christmas? Ha-ha-ha! Oh but come on, isn’t it just disheartening? I’d rather not hear it!

No but seriously, it doesn’t matter if I get something or not from whoever this Christmas really. I am so used to it… but not the little girls. I promised they will have what they wanted for a gift this year and that is what I’ve been so hardly trying to work on. My girls are everything to me and there’s no way I will break their hearts on purpose. And as for the decors, I may still have to add some to it. I just can’t figure out what yet… maybe lights. Oh well… let’s see.

2 Response to "The Merry Month Is Almost Here!"

  1. genny says:

    Christmas is just around the corner.. lovely decoration...was here.sorry for the late visit...:-)

    Tita Beng says:

    Good for you that you have already put up a decor. Ours is still being set up. It's already late for working on the decors but better late than nothing at all. Right Nancy? Lol!

    Your place is great! We had a great time there. I hope we could come back especially to Pearl Farm. What a lovely place!

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