A Belated Teacher's Day Greetings To My Most Humble Teacher, My Mom!



It was Teacher’s Day on the 5th and too bad I failed to greet my mom for the occasion. I was out to the city the whole time that day and when I came home the following day I saw these bunch of bouquets and flowers laying on the table while some were at the counter top. It was only then I realized that it was Teacher’s Day. I grabbed my phone and right away greeted her though a bit late a ‘Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Other than gifts, token and cards here are some of the flowers she got on that day…
I remember back then, whenever occasions like this will come, my mom has the most gifts received among teachers in our school. She had been a dedicated teacher from the start and even now that she’s already retired she still can’t seem to let go off her most cherished profession so until now she is still serving, teaching the children. - :)

1 Response to "A Belated Teacher's Day Greetings To My Most Humble Teacher, My Mom!"

  1. Tetcha says:

    I agree with what others say about teaching, that it's one of the noblest professions. I have had dedicated teachers in the past who have inspired me to become the best that I can be, and I couldn't thank them enough. Your mom is truly a blessing to your family and to others. Thanks for visiting my MM entry!

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