Welcoming October with a Blast

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Time and again I am reminded of how time flies so fast. Since the "BER" month has started I can't help but to constantly throw a glance at the calendar that's posted right on my bedroom door.

Unknown to many, October has been my most-awaited month of the year. Why, you may ask.

Well, there are many things for me to look forward to from this month and onwards and a lot of reasons to celebrate and be gay as well. There's my mom's 63rd birthday on the 9th, welcoming a new bundle of joy any time this month and of course the grandest of them all... my dearest JK's 15-day visit to the country for the second time!!! Huzzah!!!

And with him coming around 3rd week of the month, it means I gotta be celebrating Halloween with him and my family. Whew! How cool do you think is that? JK celebrating Philippine Halloween for the first time! Last year he was around during my mom’s birthday… this time on the Halloween. Are you seeing any pattern yet? Could he be celebrating Christmas with me next year? Too early to tell but we'll find out!

For the mean time, here's to look back to our first grand moments together from last year. You may click the image to view full size. :D


3 Response to "Welcoming October with a Blast"

  1. Hi! October is really a good month. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Sheryl says:

    seems like there's a lot to look forward to this october for you, nancy. enjoy and have a blast. advanced happy birthday to your mom as well!

    Sheryl of GEORYL
    aka Techie She

    Lainy says:

    I am happy for you, Nance and Jim. Enjoy each other's company and always keep the love burning :-)

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