From 2, Page rank has been pulled down to 1! Now what?

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I don't know if you have noticed it but over the last week amidst the Apple icon, Steve Jobs’ death also came  a sudden fuss over Google's Page Ranking system where most of bloggers I know displayed dismay towards their blog's page ranks all went down to zero. I checked mine and saw the same.

But unlike other bloggers it really didn't affect me that much thinking it was just Google's another update in progress that could have just been interrupted for whatever reason so I've waited. Then few days after, here came happy fellows seeing their page ranks back. If not for my new blog sites I wouldn't have just bother checking. I did and surprisingly, from 2 for 9 consecutive months, JTWIS's rank sadly went down to 1 this time - making me feel somewhat bad. Poor page!

I used not to really mind PR updates before. If it's there, good...if not, fine! But having it stayed consistently for almost a year for me would have already been a breakthrough! I've never had a monetized blog page in which PR lasted that long. Needless to say, if you're an earning blogger you would know why a Page Rank matters.

Oh well…justice has been served I guess. With crossed fingers, maybe I will just have to wait and see until the next update.

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