Just When My Family Needs Medical Miracle

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He was not perfect but he's a man of integrity.
He was not rich, but he gave us something that we can be proud of... a decent life
We fear him... not because he was stern but because we respect him.
He was our driver.
He was our man-at-arms.
He was my daughters all-time great Santa.
He was my mom's best friend... her life's confidant.

I don't know how else to put his life in details but one thing I am certain... I am a proud daughter of his.

To others he is nobody but to me he means everything. He's no longer with us but as his family, his memories will remain unspoiled and always be remembered. Soon he could have turned another year older if not for his illness that relentlessly took him away from us. He suffered Acute Renal Failure and survived for 11 months after he was being diagnosed of his ailment. Thanks to life-saving gadgets that let him live a little longer for us.

My father's death was the very first tragic experience my family has had. When we were told about the chance of losing him any day from his confinement, we all felt dispirited though we stayed calm and hopeful. Days, weeks and months became usual though financially stressful for us as he has to go through a Renal Replacement Therapy called Hemodialysis along with the lifetime medications primarily for his heart, blood and other organs.

He died of complete Kidney Failure, a condition that lasted him for eleven months. He doesn't like hospitals and that was the reason for his late diagnosis but nevertheless he was well taken-cared of for the last few months of his life even if to my family it means a total agony---emotionally, physically and financially.

It was never easy for us his family to went through such battle but we never gave up for him. It has been eight years and he could have been eight years older soon. But we’re sure God made better plans for him... just not for us (his family) to share with though…

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