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As usual my side writing jobs ate up most of my time for the week - leaving my poor pages at the back seat for days again. Whew! How I wish I could just say no to job offers. Oh please, we seek for them when it's not there. I just can't afford to say NO to them these days. Not when I need what I have to make out from it to cover the bills for the month.:D

Well anyway, I just got most of my tasks done so was thinking of swinging by here for a while when I noticed something new with my Blogger dashboard.

Have you seen it yourself yet?

 Old Blogger Interface
Yes, I'm talking about this Wordpress inspired...
Updated Blogger Interface
And nothing, I just thought it is nice to see something new and fresh. And by the way, I just want to stress out that photo uploading now is way faster than before. It didn't even take me a minute to upload all these three at the same time. Cool, yeah?
New Post Window
What about you? How do you find the Updated Blogger Interface?

1 Response to "Updated Blogger Interface"

  1. Joy says:

    Yes, i've been using the new interface for a week now, medyo naguguluhan ako hehe, but i'll get used to it :)

    just as i promised you yesterday, here i am, dropping by :) i gave you a G+1, followed GFC, already an old subscriber of your email subscription hehe

    Thank you once again sis

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