warm thoughts and wishes for him on father's day



On my Facebook wall yesterday, I wrote something about how I am missing someone terribly. That someone I was referring to was my dad. It’s been eight years since he passed away. He was diagnosed of Acute Renal Failure in 2003. He suffered constant pain and restlessness for 11 months and a day after celebrating his last Christmas with us, he left. His death was the most tragic me and my family have had experienced so far.

Everything happened pretty fast. I lived away from them so it was only my auntie (dad’s sister) who personally broke the sad news about his death. Shortly after that notice my family and I drove home. All the while I thought I had myself ready when his time will come but I saw his motionless body and it was only then that I broke bucket of tears. No words can ever describe how painful it is to lose a father.

So much is going on around with me lately. And that sudden feeling of emptiness I’ve had yesterday must have been just a hint telling me that he is just around watching over me. Or perhaps he just want remembered… after all the celebration of father’s day is drawing near. So many fathers day gifts we’re left undelivered since he’s gone… not only from me but from the rest of the family as well. But I’m sure wherever he may be right now; he is just as glad knowing that warm thoughts and wishes are sent his way.

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  1. Sorry about your loss sis. I'm sure wherever he is right now, he's proud of you for staying strong and he's happy that you miss him.

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