back to school woes and thrills



Two more days left before the new school year will officially begin here in our country. It has been a custom for us parents to buy our kids new school stuffs before the beginning of each new school year – from new notebooks, bags, and a new pair of school shoes. That is our way of showing them support and making them feel that we value their effort to learn and become successful in the future.

I’m sure lots of parents especially moms out there are now bracing themselves and are just as thrilled as me and my sisters whose kids are also going out along with thousands of other children from different parts of the country for the first day of school on Monday.

However, as much as ready up as we are, I also know many are still out there trying to combat against the thick crowd of rush shoppers just to check out their items. That practice is getting way too old and so sad to imagine but we really can’t help other people’s financial situation. But let’s just not go to that.

Anyway, on the lighter side, for those who haven’t shop for school shoes yet for their kids, I have here a short video – a guide on how to fit buckle up school shoes for girls. You moms out there will surely find this tutorial amazing and not to mention helpful in finding that girls shoes that will perfectly fit your little one's unique feet.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this tip.

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