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It’s going to be my cousin’s birthday on the 5th. It’s a shame I forgot with so much going on around. She works and lives in Singapore away from her family. Though I haven’t experienced what it is like, I certainly know how it feels living alone in a foreign land. Well, not literally alone because I know for sure she got bunch of nice friends out there.

Anyway, her little sister wrote me last night asking for some pre-made birthday greetings. She’s cooking up a surprise for her on her special day and now I’m caught between the ideas of producing either a video or a personalized e-card. Hmm, we shall see. I’m not really good at talking in front of the camera but oh well; I shall find a way for that I guess.

I would have been thinking lately of making (using my family photos) and sending out personal postcards to her and her sister who is also now living in Australia with her own family but postcard printing takes time. It can wait though… will just have to send them on different occasion when it’s ready. I know communications are already made easier for people nowadays with the help of all those powerful tools available around but don’t you think it will delight them to have received something from the mail?

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