wrapping up summer 2011



It's the last day of the month. Summer season is finally over and since I haven't talked much about it here I am just going to wrap it up in one post.

As far as I can recall it started well and right. I had to attend the girls' last commencement exercises in the later part of March and took them home after. Everything about summer went smooth from then on. Though we didn't have much chance for outdoor activities all the girls still enjoyed everyone's company doing almost everything - from playing, to singing, learning and watching movies together. And I must not forget, they're always up our sleeves for something to eat. Yeah, summer here is all about the girls... I mean 7 little sassy girls. They're all we have in the family.

7-1 = 6 
the youngest member of the family I guess was asleep when I took this picture of them

The 7th of April was my daughter, Kate 10th birthday. I was a little disappointed that day (though I tried not to show it) because my digicamera's charger suddenly stopped working so I had to resort to my notebook's webcam just so I can take some keepsakes of her birthday.

Around first week of May we shopped for school supplies... I don't do well with rush buying so I had to set that date earlier. Can't carry the lappy all day long while shopping so no pictures for that event. Duh, don't you think it's awkward? So I had to keep trying to make that charger work since I can't find a replacement from any local Kodak stores around. I didn't know really how I did it but call it a wonder coz it just went from being 'irate to nice', lol! (Hmm, didn't it sound like me?)

There you go... my girls sporting their new school bags with the rest of their stuffs in it.
Then there's just the three of us...
All the while I thought it has to end right too just like how it started but I was so damn wrong. Something came up somewhere along the finish line that made me feel like I was buried down in a rat hole where there's no easy way out. But that's a different story I would rather not talk about.

Well, as of this writing the girls are already back to their dad's. I never once like the idea of them living away from me but for them I'm always trying to be hopeful things will get better in time.

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