back to school thrills



Few days more to go before classes starts. The shopping mania is finally over and now it’s time for us parents to set the kids’ mind for that big opening day. As parents we are just as thrilled as them... but knowing kids, they can easily adapt in less time.

I wish the same too for my 4-year old niece, Sabina. I remember the last time when sister and I took her to their Childcare Malahide Road - like school for the first time, she couldn’t go in because she thinks she knows no one there and that made her scared. Such are beginners. Over time though she managed to surmount that fear and that made us all glad. I believe the teachers also played a huge part with her fast development. Sister made the right decision for choosing that learning center for her daughter.

This time around the all keyed up Sabina and the rest of the girls in our household are going to go out along with thousands of other children from different parts of the country come first Monday of June for the first day of school. I wish them all young ones good luck and same goes to all the mommies out there.  

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