a terribly long yet an amazing adventure to the game world



Another long post gap here! I know my bad! I'm so glued with gaming lately --- puzzle games that is and it makes me feel good and bad at the same time... good because I feel relaxed and bad because obviously it made me super lazy for the last two weeks. It feels like I was in another vacation that it leaves me do nothing other than eat, sit and play. How terrible is that?

A successful escape to Rosecliff Island took me a few tough days to complete. A little bit of old school PC game but I like it entertaining and how it educates at the same time. And then here came another Spintop's popular, Bejeweled 3 and the Amazing Adventures. I actually downloaded all these for the girls. I didn't really see myself playing such games but curiosity got in to me. Though they're not new to many, but to me it is which is why I explored them and next thing I know is that it has me hooked already. Glad I'm over it now though it took me a little longer than I realize to complete each puzzle. Now it's the girls turn to enjoy it!

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