counting down the days

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I'm getting excited! Soon the girls will be off from school again for this year's much awaited summer break and I can't wait for that day to come as it means another fun summer for us to spend together and there will be bunch of activities awaits for us to do.

If I get a little extra before they come I'm thinking of getting a ready-to-use hair dye for myself and maybe some fancy Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions - like for the two of them too. That will surprise them for sure since they both are fond of doing hair be it theirs, mine or their cousin's. My Kate is so into hairdressing and who knows maybe she can do some of the hair dying for me too. How cool is that!

Contrary to what summer means to many, my family don't usually go out. If we do, it is more likely an impromptu or an out of the blue decision. My kids though they love to swim, they still prefer to stay and play their favorite computer games around with their cousins. They seldom get to see each other too so they often try to make the most out of their chances... more so now that they found out I have a new laptop. How happy they were when I told them they can have my desktop computer all they want this time without me limiting and interrupting their playing time like I use to do before.

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