mommy-o, giddy-o!!!



Looks like this year is a blessed year to some of my friends! I went out to pay bills today and came across on two different occasions, two old friends of mine who are both expecting a child.

It has been 9 years already since my last pregnancy yet the learning, the different taste of experience, anxieties and all those still seems to linger. That is why seeing pregnant woman especially someone I know always make me feel a little bit nervy but excited.

One was a former high school classmate. As soon as I entered her office I knew right away that her condition is the most visible subject that we can talk about other than business, LOL. She's expecting her second baby and this time it's a boy. Knowing how the girls talk, the ideas are seems endless. Thanks to the similar experience. And since she's a kind of savvy mom too, I didn't find it any awkward to suggest her some online sites where she can get some of her baby's needs. Baby Jogger City Select for one if she's up to looking for baby strollers this early. I don't need for one but looks like the site is having fantastic offers for moms out there.

Gladly she finds online shopping interesting and expected me to help her out too! Yes, why not? I'd be more than happy to help if that’s the only thing I can do. I seriously love shopping. Who doesn't? More so now that technology is making it easier and hassle-free for (window) shoppers like me, LOL!

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  1. What i like about this Baby Strollers is I really like the storage compartment on the back of the seat to place other necessities such as baby wipes, bandaids, snacks and extra toys.

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