our grand moments together



It's been a month since JK's first visit here in the country. I don't know what's got into me but since he left I just find the last two remaining weeks of October so overwhelming that I can't even start putting our memorable times and adventures together into words. All I find interesting of doing is to talk all I can like I was when I first met him three years ago... and same goes with him.

But this morning (his time) before leaving for work, he reminded me of it... how my pages have dried up and asking for some attention - my attention that is.

He's right! My pages needs fueled up and so to start here is the first installment of our grand moments while we explored different places in Davao together.

I'm pretty much done uploading the pictures in Facebook too. JK and I really appreciate and thank those who took time to share their thoughts and extend their wishes to us.

More photos as well as our awesome zipline experience videos are up on our page now too! Link is here.

4 Response to "our grand moments together"

  1. Vicy says:

    Hi Jk and Nancy..You two look great..Take care always

    admin says:

    thanks Janet.. glad to hear from you.

    What a pair! Wonderful photos together, Nance. I am happy for you and Jim.

    PinayWAHM says:

    Hi Mommy Nancy!

    Yay....more pics! Halata naman na you had a great time together. Sana the next time eh hindi na abutin ng tatlong taon....hehehe...

    Goodluck to you and JK!

    Mommy J

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