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There's no way to deny it. The last vacation I have had with JK last month was a real blast! It brought us so much good and fun memories to remember by and perhaps enough to last till he comes back again to make way for a second time.

That was his first time to visit the country for a personal purpose and with all my pride I want to say that reason was me. Considering how far he had traveled just to meet me in person, how am supposed to doubt the kind of intention he has for me still? Well, I know he have proven it already for so many times before but to have brought him self to me I must say was simply the grandest proof he have done ever.

True that love really conquers all and if there's one man I know who have just justified that phrase, it's obviously him!

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  1. Hi Nance! Nalingaw ko sa imong comment sa akoang loveblog, hehe. Wa jud diay ka kabantay nga niabot na akoang Prinsipe? Hehe. He was just a month ahead of Jim. We got engaged during his visit. This was the link of our first meet-up:

    Everything was documented and all photos were posted at FB :-) That's why I thought you knew, hehe.

    I was just too glad Jim informed me via the cbox that he was able to visit you in October. Wasn't able to contain my excitement. Was too happy for the both of you.

    Will give you a buzz at YM soon ;-)

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