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Ever heard about Rosacea? Do you or any of your family members suffer the said condition?

Like me, you may also have seen people with Rosacea but we are not just aware that the said embarrassing condition is named as such. According to Wikipedia, it is a chronic condition characterized by facial redness that typically begins on the central face across the cheeks, nose, or forehead - a harmless cosmetic condition unless it affects the eyes of the sufferer.

But how does this disease develop and what can we do to prevent it from affecting our skin?

Robert Campbell, author of the highly acclaimed book, Banish Rosacea described it as a "miserable time" that took away any bit of happiness or idea of living a normal life when he suffered Rosacea from his early to mid-twenties. After long nights of laying awake anxious, after several prescription medications that did nothing to really solve the problem, after having to constantly live with the red, dry, itchy skin, he took it upon himself to discover a new way to cure Rosacea for good. The book Banish Rosacea explains it all.

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