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Big Hello to all! I know I have to say this again, I apologize for the lack of update but just as always it doesn't mean I am considering of ditching this blog out... I am definitely not! In fact I am here now... obviously I am (LOL) wishing to share everything I could out from the last 15 most cherished days of my life.

As some of you have known JK and I had been dating online for almost 3 years now and recently we've just proved it to ourselves and to the world that somehow we can take us offline... not for a lifetime as of yet though but that's another long story in the making and we will still both try to make it happen. But for now, I'd like to talk about his first visit here in the country.

So, he arrived here on the 3rd. I had to meet the man I have talked to but never seen in person for 3 years at the Davao Airport first hour in the morning that day. Imagine the feelings? It's been two weeks but I can still recall every detail of that part of our meeting and it felt so wonderful to have dedicated 15 precious days with him even if it means blog fasting for me, hahaha! But hey, I'm all for it now and I got lot of stories to tell and tons of pictures to share as part of that visit of his was to explore beautiful places in Davao with me. Now that's one good thing about having multiple blogs.

Here's one pic of us for a teaser.

More pictures are coming up on my next post. Keep coming back! - :)

6 Response to "happy together for the first time"

  1. Rocks says:

    am so happy for you sis!! wishing you more happy days with him..wedding bells???

    can't wait for the pictures!

    PinayWAHM says:

    Yee haw!! What a great news to read...finally! As soon as I saw your message in my blog I ran [while sitting down pa yan ha...haha] here.

    Very happy for the both of you and wishing you the best in your journey together.

    Mommy J

    Lynn says:

    So happy for the both of u, sis. Weeee!!! Stay happy and in love! Hugs! (",)

    Finally Nance...congratz and good luck on the on-going journey ahead of you...

    admin says:

    thank you sisters! your messages were such an inspiration.

    i am happy for you, i am also in an online relatuonship for almost 4 years but haven't meet my bf in person.. i am sure i will also feel what you felt when i finally met my bf in person..

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