it's been a busy week



Whew!!! Where did Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday go? It must have been a super busy week. Yes, to me it was... been in and out from this hospital lately.

Looks like just somebody else's house, ain't it?

My older sister's been suffering of Calcific Tendinitis for about a week or so now. It pains her terribly that she couldn't move her entire left shoulder and even has to wear an arm sling for support. Therefore, she needed someone to help and often do things for her and that someone happens to be me.

Too bad because each time we go inside I always get reminded of some of my personal woes too like getting rid of ugly scars, weight issues and how to get rid of stretch marks as I find them really annoying. How I wish I could see a dermatologist but I knew it was out of the schedule so maybe I can fit in a separate time for that some other day.

Anyway, sissy is doing somewhat better now and she's looking forward to go back to work hopefully next week.

That's it for an update. I wish you guys a wonderful weekend ahead.

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