the street dancers and us at the Kadayawan Festival 2010



Below I posted purely pics of the street dancing participants during the last Kadayawan sa Davao celebration last weekend. This time it's the pictures of us with the participants themselves.

We positioned ourselves to the starting point of the parade so we got the chance to snap pics with the participants either on our background or close with them for some before they start sporting their entry.

With me was my friend/former office mate, Anne and the ever jolly and sportive Jubix (Anne's friend) as our photographer.

Ahh! Never had that kind of fun and excitement felt for years. It was superb!

6 Response to "the street dancers and us at the Kadayawan Festival 2010"

  1. Marie says:

    Thanks for commenting on my pages :D By the way, I am currently grinning with envy as you posted these Kadayawan Pics..I wasn't able to enjoy this year's Kadayawan because I was sick. Really 'missed the celebration so much!

    By the way, I am also excited and is looking forward on you, meeting your sweetheart :D *kilig*kilig* mode :D

    Faye says:

    I want to experience the Kadapawan fiesta :)

    Lynn says:

    wow! pirting pose sa dalan. lol.

    anyway, thank u for the comment sis. wa ko nasayud nga puwede diay ko order sa Walmart and Macy's and with the use of paypal pa ha. ako gifts niya, gikan jud diri tanan except for that one from artscow though.

    lamat ayo sis. so, when man abot jk? ayaw suspense diha ba. hehe.

    Lisa says:

    Hi sis,salamat sa comment ug sorry sa late reply!!! internet namo cge lang disconnect, puyo man god mi bukid,hehehehe.. mao ni sya ni akong gi bookmark na link

    Hi sis its my first time here, it is always nice to visit a fellow pinay blogger over the Net.....

    I seldom travel the very reason why I love to visit post like yours, at least kahit na hindi ako nakakatravel para na din akong nagbyahe thru your recount ...


    admin says:

    thanks Cielo! you're always welcome here, sis. keep coming back!

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