scenic sunday #3 twinlake



JK loves to go out and take pictures of almost about everything he sees in his surroundings and these are just but very few of those hundreds of wonderful pictures he shared to me. They call the place Twinlake park... I'm not sure if there were two lakes resting around this place, though... probably there is or else they won't name it like they did. :D

Aren't they just wonderful to look at?
The pictures remind me of my old hobby which was cross-stitching wherein any form of nature image like these is my favorite subject.

1 Response to "scenic sunday #3 twinlake"

  1. JK says:

    Hi there beautiful, Yes there are two lakes, one is called the Upper lake and the Other is called the lower lake, and they are about equal in size. So now you know your quess was right.

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