kadayawan festival 2010



I was there and as usual here's my late Kadayawan sa Davao Festival 2010 post.

Yes, I've watched it live last weekend although not every part of the entire activities but I was there along with my friend Anne to witness the spectacular as ever "indak-indak sa kadalanan" (street dancing), to have fun and celebrate with the rest of the DavaoeƱos despite the scorching heat of the sun. I bet everyone who been there would agree it is better than to have a wet Kadayawan celebration, huh!

Here are some of the shots I took using my Kodak M1033 lens. Click image for full size view. Enjoy!

To those who find the word "Kadayawan" strange, here's Wikipedia to tell more about it, :D

2 Response to "kadayawan festival 2010"

  1. Lynn says:

    nice shots, sis!

    wa pa jud ko kakita kadayawan sukad. di man pud ko mahilig tanaw parade gud kay hastang inita. tuna festival na pud gani diri next week pero as usual, lumlom ra ko house. hehe.

    Rocks says:

    sis..what a sight!!I would love to have witness it live din someday..pasyalan kita jan next year..hehe!

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