it's official!



After three long years of carefully planning it out, JK is coming soon to finally meet his long time virtual sweetheart who have been paaaaaaatiently waiting... now that's me! Charmed!!!

I'm done OVER rejoicing however, as this big surprise announcement was actually revealed to me about a week or two ago so JK and I are just counting the days now...

I really needed the time to gather my thoughts together before I decided to finally blog about it here. Don't ask me why. Together we got so busy thinking out loud on possible things that we can do together for the entire period of his visit.

So far tickets has been paid, a 3-day stay in an exclusive resort has been reserved while the rest of likely activities are already on our list.

I was so anxious when he first hinted me about his plan of coming around late last month. I so wanted to blog about it right away but I tried to hold it back until I get to see proof of flight itineraries and paid plane tickets. So if by any chance, something stands in our way while we are counting the days (which I fervently hope none) at least I know up front that he have honesty tried to make it.

To us, this is really one big leap towards a better and more understanding long distance relationship. I shall keep my fingers crossed up to my final waiting moment. :D

6 Response to "it's official!"

  1. PinayWAHM says:

    Woot! woot! I can only imagine how happy you must be. Ang tagal nyo naghintay ah.....but then again, some things are worth waiting for....and this definitely falls under that category!

    Enjoy every minute of your time together!

    Wooo hoooo.....

    oh...thanks for the anniv greeting and wishes. Oo nga at siyam na taon na kaming naglolokohan...hahaha.

    Mommy J

    Wow, must be very excited and a bit nervous, I guess?...I remember when hubby first came to see me too...I also asked for "proofs" (tickets,hotel reservations,etc,etc)...but when we finally met,with just one hug, we know that everything's going to be great...good luck and enjoy your days together...

    admin says:

    thank you sissies!!!

    Right, Ms. J! Three years that is. Can't imagine i could actually wait this long. so the virtue of patience is in me nga naman pala, kaloka! tagal kong na realize :D

    Anne, we'll try to do that too and feel the same vibes, hahaha!

    Lynn says:

    weeeeeeeeeee! sa wakas, sis. himo na dayun count down. haha.

    when ba? let me guess, september? hee hee.

    admin says:

    @lynn: sis, sekreto para bibo, hahaha!

    Rocks says:

    so happy for you!!!finally :) you deserve the happiness sis!

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